What You Should Know About Dual Use Vaporizers

Dual use vaporizers are devices that allow the user to smoke both dry herb and concentrates. Unlike the majority of vaporizers on the market, which allow for one method only, these vaporizers give more variability to the user and are a good fit for those who enjoy concentrates and dry herb depending on the occasion.

These types of vaporizers have all the perks of regular vaporizers, providing a healthier and more discreet option than smoking joints and blunts. Vaporizers function through a combustion process that doesn’t generate smoke, thus limiting the carcinogens and tar that smokers tend to ingest. Since there’s no fire, there’s also less of a smell produced, allowing users to ingest their cannabis comfortably no matter where they are.

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As for the cons of dual use vaporizers, it’s important to note that in order to provide users with both capabilities, these devices tend to be larger and clunkier than what’s commonly seen on the market. Vape pens are known for how sleek and portable they are; dual use might ask for special care and even a protective case for you to carry your device around.

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Dual use vaporizers tend to also be more expensive than other vapes on the market, with prices ranging from $100-$300. It’s an investment that’s likely to pay off if you’re a regular cannabis consumer looking for more customization and the ability to switch between concentrates and herb.

For occasional smokers, who prefer to consume with friends or when they go out, dual use vaporizers might not be what you want if you’re looking for something more discreet. It might be best to stick with a device that’s disposable or slimmer.

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