What is the OG Kush CBD Hemp Flower Strain

Cannabidiol which is popularly called CBD is a substance that is present in and extracted form, and which comes from the popular cannabis plant. The interesting thing about it is that it is quite beneficial in a lot of ways and it can also be used in a variety of medicinal ways. Because of such properties, it has become increasingly popular in recent years all over the world. Best of all, it does not have the infamous legal issues as some of its cousin strains and plants that make the users experience the high, a psychoactive state of mind which is still not considered legal.

CBD for human consumption is typically extracted from hemp rather than its close cousin plant called marijuana. This is because it contains much less or no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at all, which is a substance that gives the cannabis plant its psychoactive properties and the reason why people smoke marijuana in the first place. It is this psychoactive effect that makes the user of a cannabis product get high, and the lack of it that makes CBD products so widely popular and increasingly adopted. Because of the fact that hemp has low levels of THC and can even be cultivated to have no THC, it is the preferable cannabis plant to use. This article talks about the differences in the effects both CBD and THC has on the body, so if you wish to learn more about this whole subject make sure to check it out.

Aside from cannabidiol, hemp is rich in other beneficial substances such as flavonoids, terpenes, essential oils, omega fatty acids, as well as several other nutrients that the human body can really do with. CBD can be extracted from virtually every part of the hemp plant, including the most obvious sources like the leaves and the flowers, but also from the stem, the stalk, and the seeds. Much more than any other part of the plant, CBD is highly concentrated in the flowers or as some might call it, the buds. This is why the strongest and the most potent products are made from it, and also why they are the most used.

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A Little About Hemp Flower

The term hemp flower usually refers to flowers from the female cannabis plants. It is where most of the cannabidiol from the plant is extracted and therefore the most important part. The male plant primarily produces pollens that are helpful in reproduction in the female plant but it is hardly directly useful in human consumption. Therefore, if you wish to use CBD products as they are meant to be used, aim for he female source.

The hemp flower is cultivated in various ways which are usually referred to as strains, with each strain having their unique characteristic which includes color as well as flavor. Numerous exist and have their respective audience and enthusiasts.

Cannabidiol can be absorbed into the body in several ways but when it comes to the flowers, the primary way of absorption is through inhalation, that is, smoking. When dried, the flowers can be made into CBD vapes, cigarettes, and rolls. It can also be ingested by using it as an addition to food and taken as edibles or topically by applying it in cosmetics such as creams, balms, and oils.

What is the OG Kush Strain?

Hemp is cultivated by breeders in a variety of ways and this results in having different strains of this plant with each containing different levels of THC, CBD as well as other compounds that are present in the plant. A different combination exist is practically every combination of these ingredients, which basically means that there are dozens of beneficial strains you can choose from.

A CBD strain shows the quantity of cannabidiol that is present in a particular variety of hemp plants as compared to the other substances, especially THC. Knowing this helps to maximize the benefits that can be derived from that particular strain in terms of the levels of cannabidiol that is available in it. The best strains typically have much higher levels of CBD than THC, and a sprinkle of other ingredients. According to what the user needs at a particular time or for a particular situation, they can pick and choose exactly what they like.

One of these kinds of strain is the ultra-popular OG Kush CBD strain. It is a slim, mid-sized plant with quite large leaves. The OG Kush has a zesty, woody and fragrant scent, making it an obvious choice for those looking a natural smell while smoking. It also comes with a dark green hue coupled with orange twirls and white feather-like trichomes that hug and protect it. This, on the other hand, is why the strain is considered beautiful to look at as well, as not all varieties both look and smell so good.

OG Kush contains up to 18% CBD and no THC at all making it one of the best strains available and great for frequent consumption. It also has a great taste, flavor, and aroma, that all help the user become and tay calm as it relaxes the nerves in the body. Apart from being high in CBD and having no THC, the strain also contains several other terpenes that aid its aromatic and relaxing tendencies. Some of these include myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene and humulene. You have probably heard about OG Kush before, but you did not know what it means. The strain has an extremely large fan base around the globe, especially in California, particularly in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Numerous artists like its varieties so much that they often mention it in their songs.

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Buying OG Kush

When buying OG Kush or any form or strain of cannabidiol, you must ensure that what you are purchasing is of the highest grade available, and that it is of very good quality. The product should be 100% natural and organic and without any form of additives that would ruin the experience, or cause some side effects.

You can easily shop like this by buying from a trusted online source. When you buy from these kinds of places, you can be certain that they have carefully given lots of attention to cultivating and producing the best quality. You can check out http://www.cheefbotanicals.com/ to learn more and also to browse the different available products, and maybe even buy a few to try out.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

Hemp and its many derived products have been around for a while, but they have only recently become increasingly popular due to its legalization in many parts of the USA, and then the world. It can be cultivated in many different ways giving us dozens of quality strains, meaning it is versatile and really rewarding to plant, keep, and use in business. The best ones available are those with high CBD contents and lower THC, the star of our article, OG Kush, being one of the absolute best. You will surely enjoy its peppery and scintillating taste as well as its pleasantly sweet aroma, from the moment you buy it until the end of your consumption process.

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