Trigger to derealization?

Hey guys I have smoked weed many times in my life. Everytime I had a nice good time full of laugh and fun. But one time I took a pretty big hit bong and I started dissosiating. I thought, oh well first bad trip, its okay my high will just go away and I will be good. And it was alright I was pretty amazed by the effects and starded having existencional thoughts. Then I went smoke with a girl and it happened again. But i sobered up and was ok. I did my research on this and realized I might suffer from dpdr. Since then I was kinda obsessed with this and I had created anxiety attacks just by thinking i could be mentally ill. I have dissociated like 2 time when I wasnt high and since then I didnt really dissociate. But Im still having thoughts about reality and existence. So if you guys have any tips on how to cope with this please let me know.

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