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With the hundreds of CBD lubricants in the market, you need a quick formula to identify what works and what’s best suited for your unique needs. Below are some factors to look for in CBD lubricants.

Third-party tested

A CBD lubricant that is 3rd party tested means that it had undergone rigorous and independent lab testing to ascertain that all the ingredients are safe to use. When different chemicals are mixed, it’s possible to create a new compound that could otherwise be potentially harmful to the body.

Since a third party does lab testing, it’s possible to acquire accurate results without bias. From these analyses, it’s easy to know the CBD’s quality, potency, and efficiency inside the lubricant. Some of the common tests done by independent labs are:

  • Potency testing – checks the CBD content in the lubricant and determines its efficacy.
  • Solvent contamination testingCBD extraction, either from cannabis or hemp plant, follows an extraction process where different solvents are used. This test analyzes the level of solvent contamination if any.
  • Pesticide testing – Pesticides used to grow and nurture hemp or cannabis plants can end up in the final CBD product. This test ensures that there are no traces of pesticides in the CBD lube.
  • Heavy Metal TestingHemp and cannabis are known to absorb metals from the soils they are cultivated. While most of the metal nutrients are considered harmless, some, like Lead, are not safe to use and can lead to health complications.

Organic Ingredients

CBD lubes are infused with hemp or Marijuana extracts, and the main ingredients are the organic compounds used in the formulation. Many lubricants will have organic components such as Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, and virgin coconut oil as the base compounds. These products are natural lubricants and can be used alternatively as lubes, but CBD is introduced for its added benefits.

As far as organic ingredients are concerned, you want to make sure that what you’re using is right for your body. Always avoid lubricants that have an alcohol content as they can cause irritation or dryness over time. Glycerin and certain sugars may also increase the chances of infections, and it’s wise to avoid them. You can check the product site’s privacy policy to uncover all its ingredients.

If you’ve had issues with the traditional lubricants, there are pretty high chances that CBD lubricants will work perfectly for your case. You can also consult your physician in case of any doubts.

CBD sources

CBD can be obtained either from cannabis or industrial hemp, and it’s the strain’s chemical composition that determines the strength and effectiveness of the extracted CBD. The definition and classification of cannabis and hemp have evolved over the years. Most recently, people have been turning to CBD derived from industrial hemp for medicinal purposes, i.e., to relieve chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

However, many believe that industrial hemp isn’t the best source of full-spectrum CBD products. This is because high-resin cannabis plants have been shown to have upregulated genes for CBD synthesis. Therefore, marijuana has a greater variety of CBD than hemp plants.

Other studies show that CBD and THC may work better together than when used separately, and this is why some CBD lubricants have a certain percentage of THC. It’s worth noting that those CBD lubes with THC content often have less than 0.03% THC concentration in the entire formulation.

This helps avoid the high feeling caused by the active neurochemical compounds. The whole idea of combining THC and CBD in lubricants is a highly debated topic, and it’s safe to use and stick to what you believe or know better.

Oil, silicone or Water-Based

If you’re looking for a CBD lubricant to use with condoms/protection or toys, you should opt for a water-soluble CBD lube; otherwise, an oil-based lubricant could tear or break latex condoms. Some oil-based lubes advertise their products as latex-friendly but offer no guarantee that it won’t degrade the latex. To be on the safer side, use water-based CBD lubricants for protected sex. The only downside with water-based lubricants is that it dries out faster, and you might need to reapply it more often.

Oil-based lubricants are best used without a barrier method of contraception. Silicone-based lubes, on the other hand, are best suited for both protected and unprotected sex. However, always avoid silicone-based lubricants when using sex toys as they can damage or wear them out.

Depending on what you want and what works best for you, feel free to choose any of the three types of CBD lubricants. You can also inquire more from your physician before making up your mind.

Fragrance and Scent

CBD lubes naturally do not have a strong or detectable smell. However, certain brands use scented ingredients or flavors. When buying a CBD lube, be sure to check whether there is a scented additive to avoid after-purchase frustrations. Many people are sensitive to certain scents and perfumes, and you don’t want it spoiling your sexual moods.

Many perfumes and fragrances are made by industrial extraction of scented oils from naturally occurring ingredients. These could include plants, animal secretions, fruits, etc. Others are petrochemicals, alcohols, tars, and coal. The latter group might not be your perfect pick considering you’ll be using these products on exposed skin. You want to minimize alcohol or petrochemical compounds as much as possible.

Unflavored CBD comes with an earthy smell and taste, and while many people will have no problem with that, some will seek a better or distinct scent. This is where you need to be picky and keen on reading labels and ascertaining that you’ve asked for the different CBD lubricant flavors available. As a rule of thumb, you want to pick a scent that’s favorable to both you and your partner, as this will ensure comfortable and pleasurable sex.

Reputable Brands

If you’re unsure which is the best CBD lube to go with, you can pick one from the many reputable brands available in the market. This means doing your research and sorting the best from the pack. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the CBD industry isn’t well regulated, and purchasing any CBD-based product may not be a prudent idea. Always check the CBD content of the lubricant before making a purchase.

To make the selection process easier, you can base your research on the common and best CBD oils. The latter has been widely studied, and there are several brands, strains, and formulations designed for several applications. Just so you can know what to look for, there are those formulated for pain management, anxiety, depression, chronic conditions such as Parkinson, etc. Some are even kids and pet friendly.

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