THIS is Why CBD Doesn’t Work For You

Last updated November 14, 2020

CBD is everywhere these days, and it’s getting even more popular every day. People claim to notice all sorts of benefits after using CBD. That’s why you probably decided to try CBD for yourself. However; the chances are that you haven’t noticed any real effects after trying CBD. Why do some people experience all these amazing benefits, while it does nothing for others? In this article we explain several reasons why CBD doesn’t work for you, plus what you can do to fix the problem!

(1) CBD doesn’t work for you because of the wrong dosage

The first possible reason why CBD (oil) doesn’t work for you is because of the dosage. For CBD it’s very important to take the exact amount you need. Taking too little or even too much CBD will make it work way less effective. It is however hard to find the exact amount of CBD that you personally need. There are a lot of factors involved such as the condition you’re trying to treat. When you’re using CBD for anxiety for example you will need a lower dose compared to epilepsy. However; the dosage that works for one person’s anxiety might not work for another person, as there are more factors involved. That’s why we highly recommend using our CBD dosage guide to find your personal dosage.

(2) CBD doesn’t work for you because of the brand

The second (and most common) possible reason why CBD doesn’t work for you is because of the brand. As you may have noticed there are tons of brands that sell CBD products. Among all these CBD brands there are a lot of bad ones. This is because everyone can start a CBD brand without needing any certificates or something. Even you can! It’s hard to create (good) CBD products, but there isn’t any strict control over the processes that manufacturers use. The result is that a lot of CBD products on the market don’t work well. Therefore it’s extremely important to only use CBD products from reputable brands. We from CBD Oil Articles tested a lot of different brands over the past few years. In our experience, this one is the best. You can read our full review of this brand in this article.

(3) CBD doesn’t work for you because of the product type

The third possible reason why CBD isn’t working for you is because of the product type. You probably know that CBD can be taken in several ways. For example by using CBD oil, vape products, edibles, drinks and topicals. The good part about having different options to choose from is that there’s always a method you like. However; these different CBD product types also differ in terms of effectiveness. A very important factor that is involved is called the ‘bioavailability’. Basically this is the amount of CBD that your body can absorb successfully. The bioavailability of CBD gummies and capsules is very low for example. This means that only a little bit of the CBD in your gummy bears or pills is absorbed by your body. Therefore it’s recommended to only use CBD products with a decent bioavailability, such as CBD oil tinctures or vape products. You can read more about the differences between CBD tinctures, vaping and edibles in this article.

(4) CBD doesn’t work for you because of the form

The fourth possible reason why CBD might not work for you is because of the form. Not all CBD is equal. There are three main forms: Full spectrum, isolate and broad spectrum. The main difference between these three forms is the chemical compounds (also known as ‘cannabinoids’) they contain. The hemp plant contains over 100 of these cannabinoids (including CBD). These compounds work together in synergy, creating a strong effect. Full spectrum contains all these cannabinoids of a whole hemp plant. So not just CBD, but also all the other ones. Therefore, this form has the strongest effects of all three forms. Isolate CBD on the other hand only contains the compound CBD, and broad spectrum contains everything except THC. Because these last 2 options don’t contain the complete spectrum of natural cannabinoids, they work less effectively. So; if CBD isn’t working for you currently and you’re using isolate or broad spectrum, it’s recommended to try full spectrum instead. There are a few reasons to pick isolate or broad spectrum over full spectrum (as this article explains in more detail). If these reasons aren’t relevant to you, the best option is to pick full spectrum for the strongest effects.

(5) CBD does work for you but not the way you expected

The fifth possible reason why CBD “doesn’t work” for you is that it works differently than you expected. When it comes to anxiety for example, a lot of people expect that CBD calms them down massively. Although CBD flower tends to provide these kinds of effects, CBD oil works more subtle. From our own experience (as you can read here), CBD oil works in the background by preventing you from getting anxious. It keeps you more leveled in situations where you would get anxious normally. Besides that, CBD oil needs to build up in your system in order to work better. Whereas your body can build tolerances to a lot of substances, CBD has the opposite effect; a reverse-tolerance. This means that CBD works better after using it for a while. So don’t expect CBD to work right away, but give it some time to build up in your system, and pay attention to the subtle effects. If you’re always anxious in crowded places for example, take some CBD before you go to the store or gym and see if you stay calmer than usual.

(6) CBD doesn’t work for you because everyone is different

The final possible reason why CBD doesn’t work for you the way it works for others is because everyone is different. Some people are more sensitive to CBD than others, so the reaction to CBD isn’t the same for everyone. If you tried all the above-mentioned options and you still don’t notice any effects of CBD, it could simply be that you’re not really sensitive to it. But always make sure that you tried all the above-described things first!

THIS is Why CBD Doesn't Work For You, & How To Fix ItTHIS is Why CBD Doesn't Work For You, & How To Fix It

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