The Oldest Recorded Cannabis Strains

The Oldest Recorded Cannabis Strains

Today we are going to pay homage to the OGs, the first strains recorded that are still popular today. These strains are not only the original cannabis strain, they have also created a base for modern cannabis breeding. Weed is thought to have first grown naturally in the Himalayas, central/south Asia, Africa, Jamaica and the Middle East. Usually, cannabis that occurs naturally is referred to as a landrace strain. These strains have been used for an unfathomably long time as medicines and for recreational purposes by those who lived in the region. The history of cannabis is long, complex and fascinating. Perhaps at some point, we can have a good look at the role weed has played in the rise of civilisation, in several wars and in the medical industry, but for now, let’s talk about the oldest recorded cannabis strains.

This powerful Indica can be found growing wild in the mountain ranges between India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. She is most famous for her incredible resin production, creating plants that look as though they have been coated with crystals. Afghani #1 is available for purchase and is thought to be one of the best strains on the market. She was first brought to consumers all over the world in the 70s, and since then she has been used in countless hybrids. As one might expect, Afghani is recommended for making hash. Due to her background, she is also an extremely robust plant that grows beautifully in a wide variety of climates and environments. The smell and flavour of the strain are unrivalled and will transport smokers to the rugged mountainsides of Afghanistan. The effect is powerfully relaxing, perfect for just lying back and letting the surroundings just soak in. This version of Afghani #1 has a short flowering time of 6 – 7 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

This strain is not easy to find is its original glory, but when it is there isn’t much that can challenge it. Acapulco Gold originated in Acapulco, Mexico and is thought to have been popular with natives before the colonisation of America. Some say that this strain was even used for rituals and ancient medicines, it is literally smoking a part of history. This strain is Sativa heavy and has a phenomenally transcendent effect. It is relaxing but beautifully uplifting and has a stone that lingers on and on. The THC levels usually sit at around 21%, so this strain can be a little powerful for those new to smoking. As with many landrace strains she has a unique look to her. She can be recognised by her golden brown colouring and vibrant orange hairs. This particular version of the strain actually won 1st prize in the 2010 Sativa Cup. She has a flowering time of 60 – 70 days and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

This impressive African strain was born in the mountains of Tanzania and is a pure Sativa landrace. She was first used religious ceremonies due to her incredibly uplifting and transcendent effect. This strain is so powerful that she was referred to as the “elephant killer” by the natives. The THC level usually hits around 20%, and since she is a pure Sativa her effect is something else. She is powerfully uplifting, stimulating, and energetic. It’s no wonder that she was used to stimulate religious experiences. There is even a trippy aspect to her effect, so she definitely needs to be treated with respect or things may get out of hand. She is also hardy and forgiving which makes her a good power strain for novice growers who are experienced smokers. The most recognisable aspects of this strain are the scent and flavour. It tastes and smells strongly of fruit and citrus, everything about the plant is happy and excitable. This version of the strain has a flowering time of 9 – 10 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Hindu Kush is probably one of the most famous original landrace strains. She originated in the Hindu Kush mountains and due to the harsh climate, she has evolved to be coated in a thick covering of trichomes for her own protection. For centuries this strain has been extremely popular for the production of hash. She has also been used to create hundreds of top quality hybrids. This strain is a pure Indica landrace and has an intense effect. She is powerfully relaxing and calming with a full-body effect that is soft and heavy like a down duvet. Due to the climate she is used to she is also extremely resistant to mould and a variety of diseases. She is also fast-flowering and compact, which makes her ideal for indoor growing or small outdoor spaces. The smell and flavour are sweet but woody with a hint of incense, sandalwood and aniseed. She can be used to reduce symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, pain and stress. This version will flower in just 45 – 50 days and she can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Let’s finish with another popular strain that is not immediately recognised as a landrace. This strain originated in the city of Durban in South Africa. She is a 100% pure landrace Sativa strain that just doesn’t need any alterations. She is widely considered to be one of the most perfect strains on the market. She has an extremely uplifting and energetic effect with just a sprinkling of a cerebral tweak. She is completely covered in resin and is often used for extractions to create rosin. She is a vigorous grower and is perfect for new growers as she is resistant to most things. Funnily enough, this pure Sativa strain strongly resembles an Indica. She is another landrace with amazing flavours and scents. She smells and tastes strongly of spice, haze, liquorice, cloves and aniseed. This version has a flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

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