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On October 26. 2019, STIIIZY’s Davis dispensary had its grand opening in a quaint section of town. In response, the award-winning brand’s products became available for all to par-toke. This building’s location is at 965 Olive Drive, near Davis’s charming downtown square. So naturally, it’s at the heart of the city’s bustling community.

During its time acquiring popularity, the funky dispensary brought the “it” factor of the California cannabis lifestyle to Davis’ college vibe. This dispensary is the place to be! Part of the magic lies in the mesmeric visual affair that was brought to you by capable budtenders, with discounts on quality cannabis products every day!


Many have heard of STIIIZY’s motto, which is, “Inspire, Innovate and Influence.” But did you know the California term, “steez” inspired the brand name? According to the Founder of STIIIZY, James Kim, the word captured the spirit of his life in SoCal, and he wanted to bring that laid-back Southern California vibe to the cannabis-loving masses. Since its creation, Stiiizy has swept California with its collection of vapes, concentrates, flower, and pre-rolled cones, edibles, and more!

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STIIIZY store layout
Entrance of the dispensary

This Dispensary Brings “It”

When you step into the attractive, spacious STIIIZY Davis dispensary, you will notice the friendly budtenders aiding their customers with a flashy interactive visual art installation on the walls. In that same fashion, trendy music adds some atmospheric vibes. Likewise, the dope merchandise presented on racks for your shopping pleasure adds that touch of care and thoughtfulness. As you approach to order, a friendly professional budtender attends to your specific cannabis needs. Whether you’re an OG or a complete newbie, STIIIZY prides its self on helping you find the right product for your “steez.” 

STIIIZY Davis Daily Deals And Rewards System

STIIIZY has a great daily discount menu for all types of products, depending on the day! Firstly, on Madness Mondays, the high masses can purchase anything in the store for 15% off. Secondly, Blowout Tuesdays offer 20% off specially selected items available that day. Thirdly, Wax Wednesdays feature 20% off concentrates, including cartridges and pods.

Next, on Toke up Thursday, is a 20% off all flower and CBD items. And again on Liiit Friday, the in-house bomb flower from Stiiizy is 20% off. Stiiizy Saturday would be the best day to get your vape starter kit with 20% off all pods, batteries, Liiil disposables, and apparel. Last but not least, Sunday concentrates on the fun aspects of Stiizy with discounts on all Stiiizy, Liiit, Liiil, Biiit, Pods, and clothing merch.

Similarly, Stiiizy extends a 10% discount to first-time visitors, medical and disability patients, and seniors. Veterans receive a 20% discount as well. For every $1 you spend at Stiiizy, you earn 100 points. Refer a friend and receive 300 points. And if you love what you try, you can leave a review on Weedmaps, Google, Leafly, or yelp to get 100 points. Taking advantage of this point system helps you save some green that you can spend on some more green!  

Customers being served by masked budtenders

Business Operations During Covid-19 Quarantine

Even in these times of worry and doubt with Covid-19, Stiiizy in Davis encourages social distancing while maintaining their regular business hours of 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM every day. However, the staff recommends ordering on the phone or on weed maps to skip the line altogether. Now that’s service!

Product Recommendations

The prices you see at STIIIZY all include tax so you can pick what you want with your out the door price in mind. For your cannabis curiosity, here are some recommendations to mull over when it’s time to re-up.

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My first recommendation is the Triple Tangie Banana Liquid Diamonds Live Resin cart from Buddies Brand. At $36.50, it’s an easy choice for an enlivening sativa cart that is bursting with terps. The sour and citrus flavors might turn your frown upside down in an instant.

URSA LA Kush Live Resin Oil 1 g

My second recommendation is a dope live resin from the stellar folks at URSA Extracts. Specifically, the LA Kush cannabis oil will excite oil lovers with its potency of 65.0% THC and sweet piney flavors. This terpene-rich hybrid strain’s relaxing and energetic buzz might make you feel out of this world. A good mix of quality and value, this oil is worth the price of $44.75 out of the door. LA Kush can make you feel like Buzz Aldrin–give this spacy resin a try!

Kahna gummies pink lemondade

My final personal recommendation is the yummy and so irresistibly cute Pink Lemonade Gummies by Kanha. These quirky cannabis-infused indica gummies delight your stoned senses with 100mg of THC in every bag. Crafted with love and organic cannabis oil, these tangy pink lemonade edibles will send you into a medicated haven within 60 minutes of consumption. As you potentially ride that sweet blissful high, your tastebuds will be thanking you as well as your wallet. These gummies are $16.00 for each pack and can bring you so much joy for such an affordable price.

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