Reefer Resolutions for 2021 – What 5 New Year’s Resolutions Should Every Stoner Make?

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We’re about to say goodbye to 2020 and with it, many people will be considering to make some “New Year’s Resolutions”. While it’s estimated that only 8% of folks will be following through with their New Year’s Resolutions, let’s take a look at the more popular Resolutions for this up coming year.

Tell My Doctor About my Cannabis use

If you’re a medical marijuana patient – you should most definitely try to accomplish this one sooner than later. While many people self-medicate with cannabis without their doctor’s knowledge, if you’re in treatment for a serious illness – you should definitely tell your doctor.

I know it can be a scary thing, especially if you’re worried about the way that the physician would react. However, your doctor is sworn to protect your health and they may be misinformed about cannabis – but you can provide them with some literature to review your claims.

If your physician is still against your use – by telling them you now know for certainty that you’d need a new physician if you were to continue with your consumption. If you didn’t “come clean” you’d never know the position of your physician. As G.I Joe said, “Knowing is half the battle!”

Enjoy my first home grown crop

This is a noble cause to take up and if you’ve been reading my work over the past few years, you’d know that I am a great advocate for home cultivation. If you are thinking about growing your own crop this coming year, I’d highly recommend it.

Here at we’ve got plenty of articles to help you get on your way. Growing your own weed is definitely a trip and at the end of the cycle, if all goes well – you’ll smoke the best weed you’ve ever smoked in your life. Okay, maybe not the first time around but you’ll eventually crop out some killer bud that will knock your socks off.

Then you’ll be completely hooked on the art of growing trees. If you’re considering growing for the first time this coming year – do it! This is your call to action!

Buy a Big-Assed-Bong!

If you’re thinking about dishing out $300-$500 on a BAB [Big Ass Bong], it’s a worthwhile investment. Every person I know who have dished out the cash for a BAB has been entirely satisfied with their investments.

Why? Because while you won’t be smoking your BAB every night – it will become your “Special Occasion” bong. The next time you buy a killer strain you can test the first sample in your BAB, whenever someone gifts you a bud, you can spark the BAB.

Everytime a friend or familiar shows up after not seeing them for a while – you guessed it – It’s BAB TIME!

Buy Weed Legally in a Dispensary

For many people this is not possible, but for those who are willing to travel to a place where there is legal weed – buying in a dispensary changes your perception of cannabis. Suddenly it becomes less of a “drug” and more of a “commodity” and this is a perfect shift that is needed to be outsourced to the masses.

Taking a non-stoner into a dispensary will also be a transformative experience. So while you go for your first legal experience why not take someone else with you to see what it’s all about.

Tell my Family About My Cannabis Consumption

This may be difficult for some, but coming out of the cannabis closet to your family can remove a lot of anxieties you may have relating to weed. Many people found that “paranoia” disappeared after legalization because the police weren’t chasing them anymore.

The same happens when your family can accept your cannabis consumption. It sometimes takes time and the transitions aren’t always clean – but in the end of the day not having something to hide is always better.

Cannabis consumption is nothing to be ashamed of and while your family might not share your views, if you think it’s time to let them know – 2021 is as good a year as any.

Quit Smoking Weed [for a bit]

Sometimes – quitting weed for a bit isn’t a bad option to consider. I personally go on “weed fasts” every now and then to reset my system. While your endocannabinoid system does do well with phytocannabinoids, I find that letting the natural processes run freely a bit is good for everything.

I know some people believe that they don’t need to quite smoking weed a bit – or abstain for a bit – but they are simply scared of “life without cannabis”.

If you’re shuddering at the idea of quitting weed a while, unless you are a medical patient – maybe you should give it a try for a week. How about three days? How about just one day without smoking?

Of course, if a day without weed is impossible – you may need to reexamine your relationship with weed [unless of course it’s medical].

I would at least go for 21 days without smoking, but a month is even better.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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