Psymposia Report: Timothy Leary’s Castalia Foundation Has Been Co-opted to Promote Conspiracy Theories about COVID and Elite Pedophile Rings

The Castalia Foundation—originally founded in component by Timothy Leary—”resurfaced” in 2020 with anti-mask content, praise for Donald Trump, and discussion that is paranoid the sexual abuse of children. Reports Psymposia

Here’s the introduction to their piece

The Castalia Foundation resurfaced in 2020 through two names that are domain and These domain names had been produced on March 11, 2020 and 28, 2020, respectively april. The device quantity listed under Registrant Contact Suggestions for has gone out of solution. doesn’t have contact number detailed.

The Castalia Foundation site lists Timothy Leary and their ex-wife, Rosemary Woodruff, as the founders — both of who are dead. Neither site names the founders associated with rebooted Castalia Foundation. The known as workers consist of Editor Frieda Haze, Information Editor Franklin J. Sumner, Arts Editor Sophie Lovegood, Designer Sarah Kaufman, and Legal Advisor Jared Schutz.

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Watch Psymposia’s fabulous video clip too

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