Patent Infringement Indemnification: Do You Have It? – Illinois Dispensaries & Doctors

Last week, a major cannabis brand was sued for patent infringement by Geographic Location Innovations (“GLI”) in the District Court of Colorado. The Complaint alleges GLI is the owner of the ‘285 Patent, titled “Device, System and Method for Remotely Entering, Storing and Sharing Addresses for a Positional Information Device,” which among other things, allows a user to request an address, such as the address for a store, from a server. The server determines the requested address and transmits it to the user. The system can also determine route guidance to the store address based at least in part on the location of the user.

The defendant’s website has a similar store locator system that GLI claims infringes the ‘285 Patent. A user is able to input an address and the website will provide a list of the nearest retail locations. The website will also load navigation if the user requests directions. If you’re reading this and thinking “wow, most retail websites I’ve accessed lately have this feature,” you’re absolutely right. GLI has been busy – our search of the federal courts found that GLI has filed 49 lawsuits since 2016, with 11 of them still ongoing. And of course, it

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