Pachamama’s CBD Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of balance and well-being this holiday season with Pachamama CBD. There’s no need to fight the busy mall crowds this year! We are your one-stop (online) shop for all the unique people in your life. Get cozy and read on for our expertly-curated list of holiday gifts ideas.

for the adventurous… or the indecisive

For the newfound CBD explorer who wants to try it all.

Not exactly sure which of our tinctures to gift? How about you gift them all! With our CBD Variety Pack you don’t have to choose. Featuring one serving of each of our superfood-infused tinctures, the recipient of this gift is bound to find one (or two) they love!

Convenient and flavorless, these capsules might be a better fit for the CBD-newbie in your life. Easy to take but hard to forget, our pre-measured 25mg CBD Gel Caps can be simply added to one’s existing vitamin and supplement regimen.

for the fitness fanatic

For the people who are at the gym after work – the ones that give others the drive needed to get their body moving.

Temperature therapy has been shown to increase the rate of muscle recovery for athletes. Our Pain Cream is formulated with chili pepper extract that warms up muscles and tissues upon application. The menthol is then activated, cooling down muscles and providing a soothed and relaxed feeling. This combo can help your loved one get back at it, feeling better than before.

Help cool down their aches and strains with this highly-effective combination of 500mg CBD, camphor and menthol. All ingredients come together in a convenient roll-on applicator that can be used for easy, targeted application – and its THC-free.

for the wellness guru

For the one that’s constantly building their herbal medicine cabinet.

Health and wellness fanatics flock to the trustworthy combination of black pepper and turmeric – and for good reason! When paired with our full spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil, this combo is pretty much a match made in heaven. These four ingredients are the only ones that you’ll find in this tincture. Together, they work to help the body detox on a cellular level with strong antioxidant properties that work in synergy for maximum benefits.

Your purest, plant-loving friends will be most-impressed with our smooth and creamy athletic rub salve. This formula is made with natural, plant based oils and coupled with 500mg of CBD, lavender and peppermint essential oils. This thoughtful combination of ingredients supports muscle recovery while offering intense hydration and protection for the skin.

for the sleepless

For the one that tosses and turns in bed when the lights go out for the night.

Give the sleep-deprived person in your life what their body craves with our Relax tincture, formulated to assist in the body’s natural sleep-wake cycles. Kava Kava has long been used by pacific islanders in ceremonies for its ability to calm the mind. Modern research has shown it to reduce overactivity in the brain by positively affecting neurotransmitters. Valerian root acts similarly to kava kava by working with the body’s natural chemistry and increasing amounts of GABA in the brain.

It’s time to unwind. This body lotion has been crafted to contain aromatic properties of pure essential oils such as the relaxing lavender and geranium. Along with essential oils, this THC-free lotion contains 300mg of CBD that works to regenerate healthy tissues and cells. This gift will be a lovely addition to any night-time routine by getting both mind and body prepared for some rejuvenating rest.

for the hardworking student

For the stressed out academic in your life.

Our Focus tincture is a student’s best friend. This superfood blend is rich in minerals and antioxidants that boost mood and support overall mental clarity. Goji berries are packed with all 8 essential amino acids that help the body maintain overall health. Cacao contains theobromine which has similar benefits to caffeine such as boosting energy and mood, but without the over-stimulatory effect on the body.

As we said, being stressed can negatively affect the immune system. Students are at greater risk of getting sick as they are constantly exposed to stressors. Give them the gift of nutritive herbs to support their immune systems during the most demanding time of year. Green tea is referred to as the healthiest elixir on Earth and is packed full of restorative antioxidants. Echinacea has an intrinsic ability to increase the body’s amount of white blood cells which are known to enhance its natural response to sickness.

we hope you have a healthy holiday season!

Find something you like? Great! Add it to your cart soon to ensure you get it before Christmas. If you’re still looking, be sure to check out the rest of our online store for more CBD products that may not have been featured in this guide.

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