Millionaire entrepreneur accused of trafficking marijuana with aid of private jet

Authorities say Magnuson and other defendants transported marijuana inside soft drink vending machines in semi-trailers and then used his private jet to fly the cash proceeds back to the west coast. Magnuson, who had been attending UCLA, laundered drug profits through his various Dallas businesses, including It’s a Secret Med Spa and a bar named Vice Park, prosecutors say.

Magnuson gave his co-defendants shares in his spa chain in exchange for drug-related cash, said Ryan Slicker, an Irving police investigator assigned to a DEA task force, during a hearing.

A lawyer for It’s a Secret Med Spa said Magnuson stepped down in August or September and is no longer affiliated with the company.

When agents raided Magnuson’s penthouse Dallas condo this summer, they found a pile of cash; an “arsenal” of guns; a bulletproof helmet and body armor; and a “go-bag” packed with survival guides and gear, court records show. Slicker called it a backpack “loaded and ready for him to flee”.

Also indicted in the Plano-based case in the Eastern District of Texas is his stepbrother, Clay Magnuson, whom he allegedly recruited for his drug business, court records show. Jacob Aaron Edmonds also was arrested in the case in October and detained. Benjamin Hart and Keilb Thompson were arrested in California in March and released, court records show.

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