Marijuana Sales Jumped Nationwide on Election Week

If you found yourself relieving the stress of voting by indulging in marijuana, you weren’t alone. Online dispensary orders across the country more than doubled on election day, according to marijuana e-commerce company I Heart Jane. And even though Coloradans were able to vote by mail, this state experienced its own major bump.

Jane compared online dispensary orders placed on its website from Tuesday, November 3, to those of the previous four Tuesdays, and found that 1,600 dispensaries using the service across the country saw a 60 percent rise in sales dollars on election day. The days immediately following also registered a rise, with November 4 and November 5 logging 46 percent and 37 percent increases, respectively, over similar adjusted averages from past weeks.

The 202 Colorado dispensaries using Jane experienced a 55.2 percent increase in sales figures on election day, according to the company, representing a customer increase of about 4,000 people. Although Colorado’s…

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