“It’s just not that important of an issue” WRONG.

So many people discredit the severity of cannabis law reform under the guise that it’s “just not that pressing”, that we have “bigger problems to tackle”, or that it’s not “profitable enough”.

And those people typically don’t understand the very racist origins of those cannabis policies, how they came to predominately impact POC and still do, fuel a very dark black market that single handedly finances the entire Mexican Cartel, contributes massively to America’s Mass Incarceration Problem, and almost SINGLE HANDEDLY upholds the ENTIRE Private/For-Profit Prison Industry that robs millions of their freedom, future, and basically equates to modern day slavery.

No, it’s not just about getting high my dudes. It’s about so many things, more than I could fit here, don’t discredit how serious this issue really is.

GET OUT AND VOTE, debate if you can, The War on Weed must end.

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