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From its hypnotic, spiraling opening, Sev7en Taylor‘s “I Bind You Nancy” creepy crawls under the skin. Riffing off the iconic jump rope song out of Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” the rising rapper marries the chilling children’s lullaby as a springboard for his tongue-lapping adaptation, which came about from simply “freestyling in the studio,” as he remembers it. He even cackles in true Freddy Krueger fashion, a punctuation to one of his finest, most unsettling moments to-date.

“I Bind You Nancy” arrives with another new cut, the rock-soaked “Jennifer’s Body,” an homage to the 2009 teen horror film “Jennifer’s Body” with Megan Fox. Creatively, they stand at polar opposites and give a glimpse into Taylor’s evolving musical chops and fearlessness in cracking open territory he’s rarely mined in previous pursuits. The singles clip on the heels of The Disobedience of Jimmie Taylor, released last fall. Now, standing in the album’s afterglow, he’s feeling increasingly “connected” to both himself and the work. “My super powers came back. I’m making music that tells stories that are missing in music,” he tells B-Sides & Badlands.

“I Bind You Nancy” and “Jennifer’s Body” anchor a forthcoming deluxe edition of last year’s album, and their surprising musical twists and turns signal an artist truly coming into their own. Below, Taylor discusses his growth and find himself in the craft.

“Jennifer’s Body” has such a wonderful musicality to it, veering into a classic rock underpinning. What led you down this path?

I always wanted to do a rock record. I wanted to record the track as if I had the opportunity to be apart of the soundtrack. Jennifer’s Body is about industry groupies, and people sucking the life out of you. Be careful of those energies.

Is this musical fusion (pop/hip-hop/rock) something you’ll lean into more going forward?

I personally feel with the deluxe I’ll be playing in all colors. I’ll be introducing all types of new sounds. I’m having fun, musically.

Lyrically, I know it’s based around industry groups, but what personal experience or observations inspired the song?

Men. Dating men that make you feel on top of the world and then rip the light from you. The hook goes: “ You wanna go out to the movies / I wanna lay in my bed / You said you love me / But you choosey / I hope this love never ends.” Something I’ve experienced many times before. Hurt people hurt people.

Along with “I Bind You Nancy,” I know you’re gearing up for a deluxe edition of your album. Why a deluxe and not a new record altogether?

Well — the deluxe can be looked at as a whole new project since I’m doing five to seven new tracks with a new project theme. “I Bind You Nancy” is my alter ego “ Jimmie” and speaks on fake love in the industry.

You’re also referencing “The Craft” and its climactic scene. How did that film inspire you for this song

That movie gave me life. It sparked my creativity and allowed me to be even more in tune with the new deluxe theme.

What other horror films have inspired your writing recently, either musically or lyrically?

I would say pop culture does. It’s not just horror; it’s pivotal moments that inspire my pen game.

What do you find you’ve learned most about yourself through your work?

That I’m always seeking to grow and expand. I love to create actual eras in music. My work is very important to me. This is a blueprint. I am a blueprint, and I will always challenge myself, creatively. And everyone will see with this new project.

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