How to Sober up From Weed

Odds are you’ve either been there or are there right now. You sit down, smoke a bowl/eat a brownie, prepare to chill out for your day and… the phone rings. There’s a knock at the door. You have to go in for an extra shift. Your parents want help moving the couch. Your next door neighbor needs an emergency babysitter. Maybe it’s just a bad high. Whatever it is, you’re stoned, and you need to not be. Pronto.

If you decided to hit up the internet for some advice on how to sober up from weed fast you’ve probably run across a plethora of tips, ranging from taking a shower to chewing on some peppercorns. And, as with all things cannabis-related, the line between fact and fiction can be difficult to determine – Not what you want to spend your time doing when your boss expects you behind a desk in twenty minutes.

In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the most common ways people say will help you sober up from being high, with our usual view for separating truth from folklore, and hopefully help you figure out some quick ways to stop being high. Let’s get started with an important question:

How Long Does a Weed High Last?

Well, that depends. Did you smoke? Vape? Eat an edible? Was your weed some brick you got off that one weird neighbor downstairs or a high-end Mango Kush from the dispensary down the road? Are you a regular smoker or a “special occasion” type? All of these factors play in to how long your high will last, though some more than others.

Most importantly is usually method of ingestion. Smoking and vaping will produce a high that has a quicker, stronger onset with a shorter lifespan; eating an edible will take some time to kick in, but has a long-lasting, more “thorough” high. Without trying to alter your high’s duration, we feel these are pretty safe average estimates:

  • Smoking or vaping will usually see you high within moments, lasting for about an hour to an hour-and-a-half and with an afterglow period of another hour or two
  • Eating an edible will usually see you high within an hour or two, lasting from four to eight hours after ingestion, and with an afterglow period of another two to four hours (for more on this, check out our article on “How Long do Edibles Last?“)

Again, those are rough estimates, but will encompass most people. The main takeaway is that smoking or vaping will usually clear up on its own before long, while edibles are a bit more of a wild card – Particularly in how long they take to kick in.

We now know how long each type of high will last, so how about sobering up? Let’s go over some of the most popular methods found on the internet and put them under the microscope.

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