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CBD is visible everywhere. There are billboard signs promoting CBD products; there are advertisements on television, on the radio, and in magazines. It’s not unheard of with the rising generations, but it may be a little unfamiliar to older people. Yet, this may be the actual demographic that may profit the most from this compound. The best CBD cream might be the turning point to help relieve ailments brought about by aging.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that is generally found in the cannabis plant, the most well-known subspecies being marijuana. Unlike the whole marijuana plant, CBD does not contain the chemical of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which produces the high most often associated with marijuana. For this reason, it is said that CBD has all the advantages of marijuana without dealing with its all of its negative influences.

How Does CBD work?

Topical cannabidiol works by penetrating through skin layers, which allows your body to ingest the substance. This is why CBD creams are used for alleviating skin conditions and soreness of the muscles. The cannabidiol then activates the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which is responsible for pleasure sensations and pain awareness. The CBD binds together with those sensory cells in the skin, the nerves, and the muscle tissue.

CBD and THC both react in your body due to a system of receptors. You have two basic cannabinoid receptors that function for you: CB1 and CB2.

CB1 is generally found in your central nervous system – this includes your spinal cord and your brain. CB1 is responsible for your emotions and moods, appetite, memories, pain, and overall coordination and movements.

CB2, meanwhile, is mostly responsible for your immunity system. It recognizes pain and inflammation in your body.

Both of these receptors are found in your skin. While THC can stimulate both CB1 and CB2, it has been said that the CBD can help to modify and block the effects of the receptors more effectively.

This is why the topical application of cannabidiol prove more immediate relief than a capsule or edible. Because the skin is so thick with its different levels of dermis, cannabidiol, when rubbed on, does not actually reach the bloodstream, but rather only interacts with particular cells and receptors to help moderate pain and inflammation.

CBD Creams

CBD Cream

CBD Cream

There are a number of reasons why it is said that CBD creams may help to reduce pain and alleviate inflammation. It is because of how it works with the endocannabinoids inside your body. While the cream decreases the pain, it increases the endocannabinoids at the same time, thus stimulating one while diminishing the other. Whether it’s joint pain, or swelling, there are many claims of CBD dealing with particular problems that need either soothing or healing.

Another reason why CBD products are thought to be advantageous is that they help to jump start the body with the use of its endocannabinoids. While these particular elements are naturally found in our system, cannabidiol is said to react to them and stimulate their productivity.

How are CBD Creams Used?

Although there are many questions regarding the use of CBD, the biggest possible benefit for using cannabidiol stems from the ability to relieve pain in the bones or muscles of the body. This also includes any inflammation of tendons, ligaments, and joints. The largest denomination here is arthritis. Many patients who have been diagnosed with this ailment have recurring aches in their hands, their legs, their joints, and their muscles. Applying a topical cream directly to the aching part of the body helps to relieve some of the symptoms. Because many of creams are made with the natural components of coconut oil or olive oil, there may not be as many allergic reactions to the ingredients as there would be in creams made with artificial components. Along with the active component of CBD, therapeutic herbs can also be blended into a salve or cream for greater benefits.

Other popular uses for CBD creams include:

Because of the features of CBD in helping with inflammation, a cream that can be soaked into the skin seems like a beneficial way to treat psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and rash due to overactive production of skin cells. Cannabinoid components claim to suppress negative growth in the skin and reduce the proteins that produce inflammation. Many people have found CBD to be an effective supplement to their larger treatment plans and keep CBD hand cream close by for the mere purpose of rubbing that lotion into their skin whenever an episode occurs.

When the general health of your skin is inhibited or harmed, such as with eczema, cannabinoids have been said to help. Poor skin health can develop into intensive itching, irritation, and disorders of pigmentation. A good CBD cream may help provide anti-itching elements to reduce the inflammation by activating the CB2 receptors on the sensory fibers of the nerve system. This can assist with the itching and overall soothing of the skin. The CBD cream also serves to moisturize and aid in basic dry skin conditions on a day to day basis.

What Makes a Good CBD Cream?

For the best kind of pain relief in a CBD product, it is good to know where the product came from. Because most CBD products come from hemp, another kind of cannabis plant that is distinct from marijuana, how and where the hemp was grown is vital to determine if it is high-quality. While researching this information, make sure that the hemp was grown in a soil that was enriched with nutrients but not dusted with pesticides. Plants like hemp tend to soak up everything that the soil has to offer, both good and bad, meaning hemp grown around pesticides will take in any toxins present which makes the overall plant toxic as well. Placing toxic substances in your body will not be beneficial, no matter what your ailment is.

Also pay attention to how the CBD was extracted from the plant. This can have a huge influence on the actual CBD product. When hemp undergoes extraction, the oils must be released through great pressure. The proper extraction should be done with CO2, not butane. The reasoning is because butane is a harsh solvent that interacts with the oils from the cannabis, diluting its power and composition. CO2, on the other hand, is a natural solution that ensures richness and a higher quality of cannabinoids. Always read the labels for the contents and warnings of any CBD product to ensure you are getting the best product for your money and your ailment.


CBD is fast becoming a product that more and more people are using to soothe their ailments and gain relief from their pains, from arthritis and eczema to itching and inflammation. CBD creams are topical solutions that are being applied for their soothing qualities in a simple and easy way. For the best CBD cream there are certain qualifications that should be reviewed and maintained by yourself or with the approval of your own doctor. Before any cannabidiol is ingested or rubbed on, know the details of why and how it works. Only in this manner can CBD really be used for proper pain management.

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