Green Vein Kratom Dosage & Effects: A Proper Review

Kratom is known to have different variants among them being the red vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom and Green Vein Kratom. In this case, we’re focusing on the Green Vein Kratom. Just any other Kratom it comes from Southeast Asia in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Lately, Green Vein Kratom has gained a lot of popularity in the US and other many parts of the world due to its moderate effects compared to different Kratom such as the red and white ones. Users have embraced it due to its balanced effects in terms of focus and concentration. Among examples are the Green Vein Borneo and Green Hulu Kapuas.

In addition, it’s known to relieve discomforts without causing sleepiness or losing energy just like other analgesics generally to the one’s body.

What makes the Green Vein Kratom different?

Green Vein Kratom leaves have an altered vein coloration, unlike other Kratom leaves. Now, the MAIN difference and which give Green Vein Kratom uniqueness is the level of phytochemicals in its strains. Kratom contains natural psychoactive compounds which are known as alkaloids and which seems to differ from leaf to leaf. Some scientific researchers suggest that Green Vein Kratom has a higher concentration of mitragynine alkaloids but lower levels of the 7-hydroxymitragynine. The aspect of alkaloids distribution is what makes Green Vein Kratom stand out.

This Review focuses on the benefits, side effects, where to buy and dosage of Green Vein Kratom.

Benefits of Green Vein Kratom

A. It’s a Stimulant.
Green Vein Kratom is widely known to more effective as stimulant amongst other Kratom strains.

B. Energy Boosting
Green Vein Kratom is used as energy-boosting supplements. It is quite beneficial to people who handle, energy-demanding tasks. Besides, it can act as the energizing agents to start your day. It renewed some strength in your body and increased your energy levels.

C. Anti-depressant
User claim that Green Vein Kratom strains claims can relieve one’s sufferings. It enables them to feel more relaxed and less agitated.

D. Pain Relief
The Green Vein Kratom could be of significance to those who suffer different bodily pains such as headaches, muscle aches, joint pain and migraine.

E. Increased Mental Function
The Green Vein Kratom can provide users with enhanced cognitive and mental functions. It brings about enhanced mental alertness and cleared mindset.

Side Effects of Green Vein Kratom

However, just like any substance consumed in the body Green Vein Kratom too can have some side effects. If a user does not observe safe habits and uncontrolled intake while using it, he/she is likely to experience some adverse effects. Also, outcomes could be as a result of sudden withdrawal and if your intake is accompanied by other medicinal substances. Below are some of the effects likely to be experienced by the user:

I. Stomach issues.

Stomach problem is a common effect experienced by the user after their consumption. It is mainly in the digestive system. It can be either indigestion, gastritis or diarrhoea.

II. Vomiting

Different users of Green Vein Kratom can react differently to this strain. It is reported that people who use it in excess can experience vomiting. However, its reaction varies with your body and how it responds.

III. Allergic Reactions

Some users tend to be sensitive to the Green Vein Kratom, which might result in allergies. It may include skin allergies and respiratory allergies too.

IV. Irritation

Some users may feel irritated rather than achieving the expected result of relaxing and stress relieving.

V. Weight Issues

Some users are reported to have drastically lost weight, and some gained extreme weight. However, this may occur if the Green Vein Kratom is taken in abnormal rates or accompanied by other substances.

VI. Nose related issues.

Abrupt cut off usage of the Green Vein Kratom or even excess usage may result in some problems such as a running nose or a dry nose.

What is the Dosage for the Green Vein Kratom?

There is no specific dosage one should consume. The intake of a user is dependent on many factors such as body weight, quality of Kratom, physical conditions, mental health tolerance, among many other minor variables. It is good to pay attention to adequate dosage and avoid extreme. In this case, below are ideas to follow. A beginner ought to take 1 gram of Kratom per day. Keep track on the results, and the second day, you may increase the intake to 2-3 grams if you need more impact. For that person who wants to feel the effect last longer, you may go for about 5 grams within the recommended limits. In many instances, this kind of dosage is for average users. NOTE; if you find you need a higher dosage then check on the quality of Kratom you are using.

Where to Buy the Green Vein Kratom

Nothing would feel useful like experiencing the effects of a quality Green Vein Kratom. But where do you find it? You can walk in a Kratom or CBD shop.

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