This could be a sign of two things. Thc directly impacts the way your body sends and receives messages. Your body will send off different signals as the thc affects different parts of the brain. Some people get anxiety, depression, or impulsiveness. Depending on your brain chemistry it more likely just a bad reaction to the drug. However if you feel that it consistent or getting worse, see a doctor. That maybe a sign of nerve/neural damage. Try getting clean and the moment your are 100% clean, give your brain a chance to get used to having a regular hormonal balance for at least a month. It could be hard at first but compare the feelings of high and sober and decide which one really feels best. Then find someone to talk to because weed is definitely an easier outlet but not the best. If you find that you don’t want to get off and your feelings don’t get worse, it just takes yourself to tell yourself that it’s just the drug.

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