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Eating yoga “RECLIA CBD Gummy” is now on sale
Achieved the lowest price in domestic manufacturing
GK DAGAN (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) has started selling CBD gummy “RECLIA” from February 15, 2021. We have achieved the lowest price in the industry (in Japan, according to our research) by directly partnering with suppliers and factories in Japan and the United States.

Why CBD is Called “Eating Yoga”
Humans have an accommodative function (endocannabinoid system) to maintain a healthy body. However, if lifestyle-related habits are disturbed in a stressed society, the coordination function will not work properly and it will become unwell. It is a component called CBD (official name is cannabidiol) that normally regulates its regulatory function. It became a hot topic because it was recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).
Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit verb etymology “yuj” and means to control, harmonize, and connect. Both CBD and yoga are expected to “regain the original function of the body”, so CBD is called “eating yoga”.

CBD beginner friendly concept
RECLIA was developed with the concept that even beginners of CBD can feel free to enjoy it. You can take CBD in a familiar style called gummy, so even those who do not smoke or are not good at taking oil can try it without any resistance. In addition, since the amount of CBD that people want to ingest varies widely, the CBD content was set to 20 mg / grain, which is not too heavy while giving a feeling of satisfaction. Other CBD beginner-friendly features include:
◆ Refreshing lemon flavor
The flavor is a lemon flavor that is not too sweet for a refreshing and relaxing feeling. In order to suppress the bitterness peculiar to CBD as much as possible, we use CBD isolate, a pure CBD raw material that is almost tasteless and odorless.
◆ Stylish pouch package
The front of the package has a simple and stylish design without using hemp or CBD images or letters. In addition, we made it a small size that is convenient to carry. If you like RECLIA, I would like you to keep it in your bag instead of a talisman. Kevin Dresser, who designed the Band Aid logo, was appointed as the logo and packaging designer.
◆ Reasonable price
The regular purchase on the official website is the industry’s lowest price (according to our research) of 98 yen per gummy candy and 4.9 yen / mg of CBD. Even at retail stores, the price is 888 yen per bag, excluding tax (it may vary depending on the store), which is a price that even beginners of CBD can easily try. This is 1/3 to 2/3 the price of CBD gummy candies in Japan.

Achieve high quality and lowest price through direct partnership with factory We set a goal of less than 100 yen per grain per day as a reasonably priced product, and spent two and a half years developing the product. We work with more than 20 companies to produce CBD raw materials, and finally import them directly from US CBD manufacturers that use hemp from Oregon. Of course, the price was 1/5 of the regular import and Japanese purchase price. We talk with several companies about package manufacturing, gummy candy manufacturing, and packing, and outsource directly to a factory with good hygiene management and sufficient technology. By omitting middlemen in this way, we were able to keep costs down. In addition, by communicating directly with various suppliers, opaque parts are eliminated, which leads to maintaining high quality.
In addition, SG & A expenses are kept as low as possible with a minimal management style in which the office is a shared office and employees are not hired and outsourced professionally as needed. By eliminating unnecessary expenses, we were able to complete the industry’s cheapest CBD gummies.
“RECLIA” product overview
Contents: 7 gummies / bag
CBD content: CBD total 140 mg / bag (CBD 20 mg per gummy candy) Price: 888 yen excluding tax / bag (reference retail price) * 30% off for regular purchases on the official website
Company Profile
Company name: GK DAGAN
Location: 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Namba Skyo 27th floor weworkroom28-127
Contact: [email protected] (Yasuda)
We are looking for stores and companies that want to handle our CBD products. Please feel free to contact us at the above inquiries.

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