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02/02/2021 Assist Other Agency (FPD) – Assisted FPD on Center Street with a possible stabbing. Upon arrival FPD advised the incident was not a stabbing but a suicide attempt.

02/02/2021 Sex Offense – Officers met with a female at FSU Headquarters in reference to a sexual assault. Contact was made with C3I. Investigation is continuing.

02/02/2021 Narcotics Complaint – Officers were requested to collect potential CDS and paraphernalia from a room in Brownsville Hall on the 2nd floor that is unoccupied. All items were placed into FSUPD property to be destroyed.

02/03/2021 Narcotics Complaint – Officers were requested to investigate an odor of CDS on the 3rd floor of Westminster. A slight odor was detected however unable to pinpoint the location from which it was coming.

02/03/2021 Assist Other Agency (ACSO) Officers responded to Westminster Hall with ACSO who was conducting a theft investigation. Contact was made with the two subjects in question. While there, the FSU Officer noticed a burning candle. After the Deputy was finished speaking with the subjects, FSUPD spoke with one of the individuals advising the candle was not allowed in the dorm and it needed to be extinguished. A total of three students were inside the room who were referred to the judicial board.

02/03/2021 Narcotics Complaint – Officers responded to Westminster Hall for an odor of CDS. An odor of marijuana appeared to be coming from the stairwells.

02/04/2021 Parking ComplaintA vehicle was reported parked in front of the trash room at Annapolis Hall. Officer responded. Vehicle was cited.

02/04/2021 Lost PropertyAn employee from Lowndes Hall reported working from home for several months and coming into her office today and someone got into her desk and took a key to a lab.

02/04/2021 Assist Motorist – FSU student locked his keys in his running vehicle. Officer responded and advised owner/driver the vehicle may be damaged, and the driver was okay with that. Officer was able to get into the vehicle without visible damages.

02/04/2021 Parking Complaint Cumberland Lot – A vehicle was reported parking in the CAPS section of the lot for a couple of months. A voice mail message was left on the subject’s phone to not park there anymore.

02/05/2021 Attempt WarrantFSUPD attempted to serve a Warrant in Brownsville Hall, with negative contact.

02/05/2021 Narcotics Complaint – While officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant in Brownsville Hall, they detected the entire 4th floor to smell like burnt marijuana. Location could not be determined.

02/05/2021 Narcotics Complaint – Officers were dispatched to Westminster Hall for the odor of CDS. They were unable to locate the source.

02/06/2021 Assist Other AgencyFSUPD assisted FPD with blocking traffic at Bowery Street and E. Mechanic Street while the Frostburg Fire Department investigated the report of an electrical fire on Main Street. There were no issues during the assist.

02/06/2021 Assist Other AgencyFSUPD assisted FPD with a traffic accident on Main Street and Maple Street. FSUPD remained on scene until the crash investigation was completed.

02/06/2021 SuspiciousUniversity Police investigated a report of suspicious circumstances near/in the arboretum. The investigation determined this was a false report.

02/07/2021 Assist Other AgencyFSUPD assisted FPD with a traffic stop at Center Street and Oak Street.

02/07/2021 Request For OfficerDispatched received a call requesting an officer disperse a crowd in the gym. Officers stood by until all persons left the gym’s main area.

02/07/2021 Request For OfficerFSU student came into headquarters to speak to an officer in reference to suspicious activity occurring at her on-campus residence at Cumberland Hall. As a result of the investigation the incident will be forwarded to Student Affairs for review and follow-up.

02/08/2021 Attempt Warrant Svc FSUPD – Officers attempted to serve a warrant at Brownsville Hall on a student.

Summary period includes 115 calls for service and 2 Traffic Stops.

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