Commercial Marijuana Growers Learning How to Brand Themselves

After years of operating under the radar, Colorado’s commercial marijuana growers are now growing their own brands and profiles. Although dispensaries are no longer required to grow the majority of weed that they sell, customers continue to seek out homegrown products, and many owners are happy to oblige. Veritas Fine Cannabis, one of Colorado’s first early wholesale growers to successfully brand itself for quality buds, is a prime example of this shift.

Already respected for its acumen in the grow, Veritas extended its dank footprint by agreeing to a deal with Cookies, which calls for the Veritas growing staff to cultivate the Bay Area breeder’s famous genetics for Colorado dispensaries. Quick popularity can also bring backlash, however, and Cookies caught it for high prices.

To learn more about the business behind buds, we caught up with Veritas co-founder Mike Leibowitz.

Westword: Wholesale growers didn’t demand as much attention three years ago. Now we have Veritas, 710, 14er, Snaxland and more garnering real followings, waiting for strain drops. When and how do you think that changed?

Mike Leibowitz: Consumer tastes have grown more refined as Colorado’s cannabis market matured, which establishes the demand for premium brands like Veritas and Cookies. Selling…

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