$CBDL – Partnership with Amazon in final stages : pennystocks

This is a short DD and more or less why i personally think this is a big move and now is the time to get into CBDL

Anything joining forces with Amazon is huge news. I think with CBD going mainstream to the point you can buy it in gas stations is pretty common however I’d much rather hit a few buttons on my phone and get CBD products delivered to my door.

Although cannabis and CBD are essentially on the same level as tobacco and alcohol it is still very “taboo” to some, basically the boomers have not caught on yet. Going to such a major distributor like Amazon normalizes it even more.

A lot of people I know that are older around my parents age have been against CBD even though there is no way to get high from it and they’re simply too ignorant to understand the health benefits. I feel, just like anything else, when Amazon touches something it blows up with popularity.

CBDL focuses mainly on pain relief creams, tinctures for anxiety and sleep aids.

CBD Life Sciences Inc. is proud to announce that the company is in the Final Stages with getting its Hemp products on Amazon. The company decided to introduce the addition of its Hemp products on the shopping giant, Amazon.com, in a move that emphasizes the importance of hemp in the future of both LBC Bioscience Inc. and the nutritional hemp market which is “blowing up” around the world. The products we plan to distribute on Amazon focus more on the Health & Wellness side of things which would be our top selling Pain Relief Cream along with Anxiety and Sleep Tinctures.” -Link

Ease of access, delivery to home, partnership with Amazon, quality product and more normalization is why I think this is a solid move to invest into.

CBDL currently sitting at .01 and a solid long term play

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