CBD Popcorn is the Best Snack for Scary Movie Night

Happy October! In celebration of the spookiest month of the year we’re giving you a recipe for some delicious CBD popcorn that will keep you calm when you’re watching your favorite scary movie. Don’t know which scary movie to watch? Don’t worry, we have you covered there too.

Making our CBD Popcorn is Easy:

  1. Pop your popcorn, however it is you do it. Microwave, stovetop, open flame, we don’t care, just get those bad boys looking good.
  2. Add a dropper of our Full Spectrum CBD in Coconut MCT Oil to Avocado oil or Vegan butter (or both). The coconut oil adds its own flavor, along with a host of benefits from the CBD! Just make sure you don’t heat up the oil after the CBD has been added.
  3. Toss your popcorn in the oil or butter.
  4. Add some nutritional yeast and cajun seasoning to taste. Salt and pepper works too if you aren’t feeling spicy.
  5. Sit down, put on your favorite horror movie, and chow down.

Having trouble choosing a movie? Check out some of our favorites, along with the perfect CBD products to enhance the experience. Sit back, bring your bowl of CBD popcorn, and prepare to be scared.

The Shining

One of the best horror films of all time takes place in an isolated hotel in the mountains. While we don’t recommend isolating with Jack, we love isolating our CBD. Try one of our CBD isolate oils in your CBD popcorn for this one.

[embedded content]

Cabin in the Woods

This horror movie within a horror movie is a non stop adventure with twists and turns. If you need an energy boost to keep up with this wild plotline, try one of our CBD shots.

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Get Out

Things aren’t always what they seem in this psychological thriller. Don’t mask your identity, mask your face! Try on a CBD face mask while you’re watching this movie, and leave feeling way more refreshed than the characters do.

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Dawn of the Dead

The original Dawn of the Dead is arguably the best zombie film of all time. If you’re sore from fighting off zombies, or just from your pre-movie workout, our CBD balm can soothe your muscles.

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The Babadook

In this movie, a mother and her daughter suffer from sleepless nights in fear of a storybook monster that may not be as imaginary as it seems. If you have trouble sleeping after this movie, our high CBN oil for sleep and pain might help.

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