Carroll voters back Trump, Haley elected commissioner – Winona Times

In a race that’s still too close to call, Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump 264 Electoral College votes to 214. However, in Carroll County Trump saw an overwhelming amount of support with 3,924 to Biden’s 1,729 votes. The votes for the Presidential election are still being tabulated and the race has not been called by press time Wednesday.

Carroll County certified its election results late Wednesday afternoon.

In Carroll County’s only contested local race, District 2 Election Commissioner, Jennifer Haley defeated Rebecca Touchstone 558 to 553 by a mere five-point victory. Haley will succeed Ed Corder, who retired this year.

Beat 5 School Board member Stella Washington-Bell ran unopposed for her seat on the Carroll County School Board of Trustees.

In the United States Senate vote, Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Republican, was declared the winner statewide over Democratic challenger Mike Espy. In Carroll County, Hyde-Smith received 3,716 votes to Espy’s 1,923.

In the Second Congressional District race, incumbent Bennie Thompson won reelection for the seat against contender Brian Flowers. In Carroll County, Flowers drew the most votes at 3,681 to Thompson’s 1,923.

In the District 3 Supreme Court Race, Justice Josiah D. Coleman won reelection to his seat. A majority of Carroll County reflected that as Coleman won the county 2,894 to 1,715.

Carroll County also said yes to a new flag, yes to medical marijuana and yes to the statewide political races being elected by the popular vote.

More than 54 percent of the county or 2,717 people voted in favor of the approval of either Initiative 65 or Initiative 65A and 46.7 percent or 2,381 people voted against both measures. The measure allows medical marijuana to be prescribed to patients who have sickle cell anemia, cancer, epilepsy, arthritis and other specific illnesses. The alternate initiative would have only prescribed marijuana to terminally ill patients and made CBD oil available to other patients, but voters statewide as well as in Carroll County did not support the alternative plan.

In Carroll County, 75.66 percent or 4,023 people voted in favor of statewide political candidates being elected with the popular vote and 35.48 percent or 1,294 people voted against the measure.

Also, the state of Mississippi will see a new flag representing all of its residents. In Carroll County, voters agreed that the new flag would be a representation of them. More than 66 percent of voters in Carroll County or 3,717 people voted in favor of the flag.

Statewide, Mississippi saw an increase in the number of voters during the 2020 Presidential Election. Secretary of State Michael Watson said Mississippi had 1,985,928 active voters. In 2016, there were 1,876,605 active voters. Watson said that in 2016, there were 1,208,357 votes cast during the election.

Watson said he and his team believe the state has surpassed that in the 2020 Presidential Election. The state did surpass its absentee ballots. During the 2020 election, there were 231,000 absentee ballots cast. In 2016, there were 116,000.

In Montgomery County, there were 1,309 absentee ballots cast and 1,342 ballots requested. In Carroll County, there were 1,158 absentee ballots cast and there were 1,206 ballots requested.

There are still absentee ballots being counted in Carroll County and the updated numbers and the national winner of the presidential election will be posted once they are determined.


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