Cannabis-infused Chocolate: What Could Be Better?

They say all you need is love and chocolate. We say all you need is cannabis and chocolate. Our IHP chocolate bars are carefully made in our Worcester production facility using quality ingredients to create the perfect edible for a discreet and enjoyable cannabis experience. Each cannabis-infused chocolate bar contains 20 pieces, and include approximately 5mg of THC per piece – making them perfect for sharing!

If you’re looking to indulge in something sweet and savory, we ‘highly’ recommend these marijuana-infused chocolate bars. (Pun intended!) They’re an easy option for dessert or an on-the-go treat for some simple satisfaction.

Take a look at the variety of chocolate provided to our Massachusetts dispensary locations regularly.

Milk Chocolate Bar

Milk Chocolate BarMilk Chocolate Bar: A combination of silky, smooth, and sweet, IHP’s traditional milk chocolate bar infused with cannabis is the perfect subtle treat.

Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate BarDark Chocolate Bar: IHP’s vegan, dark chocolate bar is a combination of cannabis and rich chocolate flavor with a smooth finish, making for a balanced experience.

Our team has even concocted special edition chocolate bars for special occasions too! These are typically available for a limited time, so make sure to check our menus to see what’s in stock at your local Temescal Wellness store.

Mango Chocolate Bar

Mango Chocolate BarSpring 2020 Dark Chocolate Bar – Mango Kush: IHP’s vegan, cannabis-infused dark chocolate bar topped with dried mango pieces makes for a creamy, delicious dessert with a sweet twist.

Peppermint chocolate bar

Peppermint chocolate bar2020 Holiday Dark Chocolate Bar – Peppermint: Just in time for the holidays, IHP’s peppermint dark chocolate bars are a smooth, silky combination of dark chocolate, crushed peppermint, and cannabis that makes for a rich and elegant experience.

Gift it to a chocolate lover, share it with friends and family, or savor it for yourself! Order online and pick up in your local Massachusetts Temescal dispensary today!

Disclaimer: The term “marijuana-infused” means the same as “cannabis-infused” when referring to our products. Availability of cannabis products may vary.

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