Cannabis grow operation, processing, and dispensary for sale

Cannabis grow operation, processing, and dispensary for sale

7000 Sf indoor growing operation, with processing kitchen, and an established dispensary currently doing 30K monthly in sales (only been open 3 months).  Grow operation is perpetual, with 18 rooms.  Currently only utilizing 40% of total square footage, and producing 8-10 lbs monthly.  Entire building is equipped with fire suppression, security cameras, and monitored security systems at both locations.  Steel auto locking doors, and bars equipped on all windows in grow facility.  Grow operation comes with all current equipment to include, lights, plant inventory of approximately 800 plants, 2 turbo klone 144’s, 250 gallon water container, 1 pallet SOHUM soil, pots, 2 bowl trimmers, drying racks, jars, etc….  Too many details to list….

Building equipped with 3 separate central heat and air systems.

Business office located inside grow/processing facility.  

Dispensary is located in a neighboring town, and is the first dispensary west of the Missouri state line.  Store has been open 3 months, and currently doing 30K monthly in sales. 

All the real estate at both locations is included in the sale price.  

Licensing current at all locations.

This is an opportunity to own a cannabis operation, in a booming growing market, that will generate 30K in sales the first month it is acquired.  With potential for much more.  

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