Berner Unveils Cookies La Mesa Cannabis Dispensary In San Diego And Announces New Strain …

Berner’s new San Diego Cookies dispensary just opened up in La Mesa to a massive crowd awaiting its grand opening. As usual, Berner has been staying secretive in his moves until the moment is right. He took to social media to make a few choice announcements about the dispensary’s opening a couple of days beforehand. Cookies La Mesa looks like another solid addition to Berner’s growing chain of Cookies dispensaries.

Cookies La Mesa has all of the usual charms of a Cookies dispensary. It features its notorious cyan blue coloration and futuristic-looking shop floor. This spot has a slightly smaller square footage than some of his other dispensaries. This store still has the usual Cookies seed library on the walls, but a cozier feel. With windows covering its entire front half, there something more casual about it from all of the natural lighting. Some of Berner’s other Cookies dispensaries feel a little bit more like you’re entering a secret club. 

It feels like Berner has been on an unstoppable warpath to open as many dispensaries as possible. With the quarantine delaying the opening of Cookies Woodland Hills, Berner also announced yesterday that it will be officially opening July 17th. This is an opening we’ve been anticipating, where the Cookies La Mesa opening caught everyone a little by surprise. 

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Amongst the announcements of his two new dispensaries opening, Berner also mentioned in an Instagram post that they’re hard at work pumping out new genetics. Berner said, “we have so much breeding in the works to compliment all these new stores…@powerzzzup @theminntz @grandifloragenetics @runtz @thelemonnade let’s goooooo.” This tells us that he’s really amping up his operations, which has also been evident with Cookies’ formal entries into Washington and Oregon.

Berner can’t be stopped. This is something that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to commend the man on his ceaseless hustle. To deny the fact that Cookies is one of the leading cannabis brands in the world would be pure ignorance. Whether it’s through his main brand or one of their subsidiaries (Lemonnade, Minntz, Runtz…) they’re producing some of the most popular cultivars currently out.

It’s not unfair to dub Berner an industry leader and to say that he surely has more dispensaries opening in the near future. Visit Cookies La Mesa next time you’re down in San Diego and see what all of the hype is about.

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