Although he assured there were sufficient resources for the victims, López Obrador arrived in …

Several towns in Tabasco continue under water, before the imminent formation of a new storm.  (Photo by ANGEL HERNANDEZ / AFP) Several towns in Tabasco continue under water, before the imminent formation of a new storm. (Photo by ANGEL HERNANDEZ / .)

Visibly tired and in a hurry, Andrés Manuel López Obrador arrived again in Tabasco, a state that remains in emergency after the floods caused by the rains and the venting of the Peñitas dam, which took place last weekend.

“The best thing is that we are adding wills, efforts, resources to support the governor of the state of Tabasco … this is one, well, what can we call it? A dispensary, right? A medical kit for those who are housed here. Also to thank the people very much because they are donating medicines, and they are donating food … ”, explains the Tabasco, then asking someone else to explain what is being done in the place where he is.

The shelter, a primary school, serves 147 people with support from both the private sector and the Ministry of Health and the Army.

At the municipal seat of Macuspana, the president, in the company of the Secretary of Defense, Cresencio Sandoval, showed how the community dining room installed by the Sedena works, which currently prepares 1,200 daily rations, between breakfast, lunch and dinner, for more than 90 thousand victims of the area.

“We have horchata water with ice, we have pasta soup, we have rice with peas, as a main course we have beef barbecue, we have refried beans. All this will be accompanied by tortillas and their dessert ”, explained the military man, detailing that the food is distributed in 4 supply routes around Macuspana.

A week ago, on November 8, in a first tour of the affected areas, López Obrador assured in the presence of the governor of Tabasco, Adán Augusto López, that there are resources to help the population.

“Although there is no longer the National Fund for Natural Disasters (Fonden) who used it to buy equipment, furniture, in times of floods. Fortunately, we have many resources from the national budget to support the victims“Said the president in a video he shared on Twitter.

This, given the disappearance of 109 trusts, among which was the National Fund for Attention to Natural Disasters, traditionally used to cover the expenses generated by earthquakes, storms and hurricanes.

“No They will lack food, they will not lack the essentials […] the material is replenished, what must be taken care of is life. I will never stop supporting my countrymen and all Mexicans in disgrace, “the head of the national executive announced just 8 days ago.

On his way, he quickly visited a mobile tortilla factory installed by Maseca, information that was reminded him by the head of the local government, Adán Augusto. He also thanked Juan González,

“There is this tortilla factory that Juan González contributed … from the company … (Maseca), Maseca, Grupo Maseca, sent three,” said the president.

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