5 How to Enhance Cannabis Dispensary Customer expertise in 2021

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The Covid19 pandemic has accelerated the revolution that is digital is compelling retailers to adapt swiftly to these changing times. But the cannabis industry is relatively new to the game that is retail gives you more space for innovation and possibilities to produce a fundamentally radical client experience by differentiating your company from conventional stores and pivoting strategically as customer behavior changes. Additionally, because the cannabis space that is retail, creating an incredible in-store experience is not enough anymore. And even though the possibility of returning to a so-called ‘normal’ is tantalizing for everyone, the ‘digital diaspora’ is here to stay, and you must utilize all available tools to transform the retail customer experience at your cannabis dispensary.

So you may have the location that is perfect your marijuana dispensary, and you also have actually even designed it aesthetically, maintaining your target customer personas in your mind. But nevertheless, your dispensary just isn’t attracting numerous clients because many of them are most likely sitting inside, anticipating you to definitely provide an even more convenient, safer, and contactless buying experience. Thus, it is time for you to get back to the drawing board and create an even more robust strategy for delighting your prospects in this age that is digital. The following five ways will help you design a superior cannabis customer that is dispensary in 2021.

1. Convenient Buying Options

Voluntarily or due to pandemic-related limitations, individuals are working at home and investing more hours inside. Cannabis stores that are retail successfully pivoted to a business model incorporating an eCommerce platform, curbside pickup and delivery options in 2020 have offered a better customer experience during the ongoing pandemic. Undoubtedly, such convenient buying options have also increased customer loyalty and brand recognition, and most cannabis consumers will continue to purchase products from dispensaries that are satisfying their needs now, even in a world that is post-pandemic. There was clearly an occasion whenever online acquisitions and delivery just included revenue that is supplemental retail operations. But as times change, these ongoing solutions have become the main resources of income for stores. In the current company environment, you need to meet up with the needs of clients and gives an even more convenient purchasing experience, while you find out methods to grow your cannabis retail company throughout the pandemic.

2 that is ongoing. A Safe In-Store Shopping ExperienceSocial distancing is indeed the new norm as we navigate the complexities of Covid19. Gone are the days when you could organize launch parties or be excited about a store that is crowded big occasions like 420. Today you need to make certain that every client entering your shop is using a mask, is sanitizing their arms during the entry, and also complying with temperature testing if needed. It is possible to offer a safer shopping experience at the help to your dispensary of various technological tools integrated with your cannabis POS

  • :Queue Management – An efficient queue management

  • solution allows customers to check into a virtual queue instead of waiting in a physical line, facilitating a secure, convenient, and even more personalized customer experience.Self-Service Kiosks

  • – With self-service kiosks and menus that are touchscreen clients can quickly browse items, get information, and even purchase with the aid of contactless repayment choices, without the need to connect to a worker when they choose therefore. Such kiosks may even provide product that is personalized after a client has filled up a quick questionnaire.Dedicated consultation booths

– you can transform some area into dedicated consultation booths as you free up interior space meant for queuing. Right here, budtenders can advise clients depending on their requirements in a future that is pandemic-conscious and consultation appointments may be booked in advance on your website.

3. Replicate experience that is in-store*)There’s an adage that you must be where your prospects are. And today, much of your clients are spending some time into the sphere that is digital so you must be able to replicate your in-store experience on online channels as well. You want your clients to be able to connect with your business via all your digital communication channels and pick the conversation up seamlessly from where they left down. You need to make the client buyer journey more interactive by engaging them at every touchpoint, whether it’s a media that are social or email newsletter. For this, it is essential to level up your presence that is online and an omnichannel client experience.

  • Social Media- Twitter, Twitter, Instagram, plus the loves could be the touchpoint that is first many of your customers. In 2021, having a social media strategy is extremely crucial to connect with your target market.

  • Robust Informational Website– Once cannabis consumers get directed from social media to your website, they expect comprehensive information to be readily available. Detailed menus that are online item information, a dedicated FAQs section, and client reviews are few items that you’ll want in your site to coach customers and deal with their inquiries. Additionally, offer registering for your loyalty programs online and electronic promotions to give a more personalized online experience that is retail

  • Virtual Budtender Consultation– Many cannabis dispensaries have recently pivoted to offering free online consultations to newbies who want to learn more about the effects of cannabis consumption before dabbling into it. Offering such a service will help you attract clients that are new your dispensary and improve the consumer experience.

4. Expand your item portfolio

As the appropriate cannabis industry that is retail mainstream and we overcome the stigmas associated with it, many consumers who are averse to traditional methods of consumption like smoking are looking for alternative and healthier ways to try marijuana. Edibles outperformed the cannabis industry growth in 2020, and this market will only grow further in the future. This is evidence that you must constantly adapt to consumer preferences and offer a variety of products, including cannabis edibles and concentrates, at your cannabis dispensary to stay relevant in this market that is ever-evolving raise the client experience. As using masks can become a regularity within our everyday lives in a world that is pandemic-conscious you can also promote safe practices by selling branded masks and other paraphernalia, which will help in enhancing customer loyalty and brand recognition.

5. Build your cannabis ecosystem

As you already know, the marijuana industry is highly regulated, and cannabis laws keep changing on the fly. To thrive in this dynamic industry, you not only need a technology provider that grows with you but also continue to partner with companies in the cannabis ecosystem that are regularly innovating and adapting quickly to consumer behavior that is changing. To present a high-grade buying that is online to customers, you must be able to integrate your menus and inventory with the best online platforms like dutchie, weedmaps, and leafly, and also be able to extract insights from your analytics and reporting to build your future client experience strategy. Cova Software has an ever-expanding extensive network of partners within the cannabis ecosystem, whose services can be seamlessly integrated with your dispensary POS system so that you can continue to provide an elevated cannabis customer experience that is retail. To understand exactly what more Cova can perform for you personally, book a demo now.<!–[if lte IE 8]>

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