(2021) ᐉ Lemon Berry – Premium Greenhouse CBD Flower – Full Bloom ᐉ Email CBD

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The name of this strain is a fitting one,

Dense nugs exuding a sweet lemonade aroma, with a

splash of fermented berries.


Beautiful greenhouse grown flower,

Trimmed exquistly in house


Effects are hybrid and unique.

Starts off with a clear, peaceful happiness,

and then builds into comfy, hazey, sleepy feels

Total Cannabinoid Content: 22.5%

CBD Content (CBDA+CBD): 20.31%

CBC Content: 0.97%

Delta 9 THC Content: 0.05%

Genetics: Unknown lineage

Genus: Hybrid

Description: Dense, kush like nugs

Aroma/Terpene Profile: Berry, Sweet Lemonade, Wine


Free shipping on All orders!!

We will process orders and ship within one to two business days.

Less than .3% Delta 9 THC

All orders will be packed air tight, discretely, and will ship with letter to authorities validating the legality of the product, as well as COA documentation of all contents.

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